Your proposal must explain what you are planning, how you plan to do it, when you plan to do it, how much it is going to cost, and what the benefit will be. (450-600 words)


  • Delegate´s Name:
  • Committee:
  • Country:
  • Topic:


In it you should identify the aim of the project. State clearly the problem to be addressed and why it is important.

The main body:

you should now explain how you intend to get the job done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Objectives: indicate the expected outcomes of the project, preferably in measurable terms.

Methods: describe your plan of action for how the objectives will be achieved and which stages you will use to make the plan succeed.


Describe how long (days, months) specific tasks or components of the project will take.


Present the overall cost of the project. A detailed budget should be divided into categories.


This proposal is different to other forms of writing and requires no formal conclusion. However, you could emphasize any benefits of your proposal for the sponsor.


  • Avoid verbs such as might, could, may, should, hope, appears.
  • Positive tone
  • Support your argument with evidence
  • Use formal language and be very polite.
  • Avoid exaggerated or emotional expressions.
  • Use heading to help the reader understand the proposal.